Success stories

Take a look at some of our patient’s stories, and how Ideal helped transform their smile


Jonathan was searching for a solution to correct his overcrowded teeth, he did not like his protruding tooth next to the front.

With the help of Invisalign he achieved the perfect smile, giving him confidence to smile again.

Treatment was provided by Dr Lucy Gooch of our Cleveleys Practice.

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Mikala hid her smile away for years and wanted to gain confidence and boost her self esteem.

With the help of Dr Pui-Ling Tsoi, Invisalign and some teeth whitening, her smile was transformed and Mikala went on to be the face of Invisalign.

Treatment was provided at our Fleetwood practice.


Invisalign treatment was provided to correct overcrowded teeth to create a better smile.

Thomas did not like the appearance of his twisted ‘canine’ teeth and general overcrowding.

Invisalign Teen was provided as an alternative to fixed braces at age 15.

Treatment was provided by Dr Lucy Gooch of our Cleveleys Practice.


Sean had a crossed bite and gaps between his teeth which were treated using a course of Invisalign and bridgework.

Treatment was provided by Dr Pui-Ling Tsoi of our Fleetwood Practice.

Missing tooth

Adhesive Bridgework was provided to replace a genetically missing tooth on this patient. No needles, a pain-free fixed solution to a missing tooth!

Treatment was provided by Dr Peter Thompson of our Fleetwood Practice.


Laura had slight crossing in her front teeth and showed signs of tooth wear on the edges making them look uneven.

A course of Invisalign to straighten and then some composite bonding was applied to the tips of the teeth to create a flawless finish.

Treatment was provided by Dr Pui-Ling Tsoi of our Fleetwood Practice.

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