What happens during an extraction?

Sometimes a tooth needs to be taken out due to decay, gum disease, damage or for orthodontic reasons.

Your dentist will numb the area using special anaesthetic gels and dental anaesthetic, to ensure the tooth and the tissues around it are numb. Your dental practitioner will then check the area is numb thoroughly to ensure you feel no pain.

They will then remove the tooth and ensure the area is clean and able to heal before you leave. You will not feel any pain during your tooth extraction, but you may feel some pressure.

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Instructions to follow after an extraction

After a dental extraction it is important to follow these simple instructions:

  • Do not eat until the numbness has resolved
  • Do not drink alcohol as this can cause the area to bleed
  • Do not smoke as this can cause infection of the tooth socket
  • Do keep the area clean by rinsing with warm salt water rinses
  • Do keep the area as clean as possible by cleaning gently with your tooth brush

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