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Clear brace systems

We are delighted to offer our patients professional teeth alignment using a clear brace system. After a consultation with one of our providers, we can move on to provide a digital simulation of what your ideal smile will look like. A series of aligners and tooth- coloured attachments can guide your teeth to the desired finish. Why not ask for a suitability check with one of our dentists to talk about your dream smile?

Want straighter teeth or to improve your smile?

Invisalign or Spark clear braces could be the answer. With the clear removable-braces technique, you can have the smile you always wanted, without traditional metal braces – and eat and drink what you like, too. Clear removable braces work in a variety of situations, and studies show that these braces can be better for your dental hygiene too.

Practically invisible in use

Clear invisible braces are the nearly undetectable route to straighter teeth. Invisalign are clear, removable and comfortable braces. Did you see them yet?

A simple approach to a straight forward innovative treatment

The treatment is easy and we can show you a model of the proposed treatment plan on our Invisalign software and address any concerns you may have.

Following the consultation and examination, we will then make a series of tailor-made aligners to straighten your teeth. Each aligner is slightly different, moving your teeth gradually into the desired position.


Mikala hid her smile away for years and wanted to gain confidence and boost her self esteem.

With the help of Dr Pui-Ling Tsoi, Invisalign, and some teeth whitening, her smile was transformed and Mikala went on to be the face of Invisalign.

See the difference, not the solution

The length of treatment for clear removable braces varies by case, but on average it takes 12 to 18 months to straighten teeth. These days, more than 10,000 dentists are prescribing clear invisible braces as an innovative treatment for straighter teeth.

You’ll look great but also get clinical benefits such as predictable treatment that’s planned in advance, better periodontal health, no metal allergies, custom manufacture and a tailored match.

Are clear removable braces for you? 

Only your dentist can advise you whether this system is your best route to straighter teeth.

Information for Patients

Covid-19 and Dental Services

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Facemasks are no longer mandatory in communal areas, such as waiting rooms and receptions, but you can opt to wear one if you choose to.

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